Terms of Use

By accessing Social, you are required to follow the terms of use specified by us in a concise, concise and clear manner.
These terms of use may change at any time in accordance with policies from the center and in accordance with problems that may occur in the future. therefore if you are not willing to follow our terms of use, then you are allowed to leave this application.
This requirement is made in order to create a sense of security and comfort and avoid something undesirable happens.
Here are some of the terms and conditions of use of the application that you can read below.
- I. Registration requirements:
at Socially you are required to include the original data and in accordance with the resident identification card in your country, this is necessary so that nothing unexpected happens like blocking an account or marking an account as a fake account. in addition to the real identity in Social is also required to use real names instead of alias names or pseudonyms. this is requested so that all processes in the application can run smoothly as they should.
II. Policy regarding content and media activities:
in Social Media all kinds of content such as status, videos, photos and others are regulated in this second point rule, because to limit content that violates or contains copyright, restricted content will usually be given a warning sign from the system or marked as be suspected. We hope that users do not share content that is owned by others, and or not their own work, in addition to the above we also monitor content that contains sara or misleading invitations, moreover it is very inappropriate to display because it is disturbing and very inappropriate. the user is not permitted to do so and the action of this violation is that the account will be frozen.
III. Policy about getting money or monetization: after you register and complete your account in full, your account will be monetized directly, all your activities in this application will be rewarded with revenue points that directly turn into money balances in dollar exchange rates. although like that we make a policy about this and provide rules that must be followed by users. If you violate then you will not be able to withdraw your money at any time. With this, you will follow it, we require everyone to be fair and honest, as in the rule that monetized users are not allowed to cheat such as updating spam status, duplicating content, or even updating status with a very fast or different time. with the previous content, here users are limited to create content of at least 1 content with a time lag every one hour. if the user does an update outside the specified time it will be assessed a policy violation and will be given a standard warning.
IV. Money withdrawal and payment policy:
This is an important structure in the application, where you need to know this policy so that you can make a withdrawal and be able to add a legal payment method, to make a withdrawal you must really pass in all aspects above, especially if you deviating from one of the above then you will be difficult and difficult to withdraw, so the key to this policy is how you can comply with our policies and how you do it. in withdrawal of course we will recap your activity data for 1 month, whether done according to policies and terms of use or not all of it will be processed approximately 2 working days, if it has been reviewed and it turns out your account is clean and compliant then we will contact you to offer payment method options. all withdrawals are not deducted from costs except outside of the platform. We are not responsible if there is a mistake in the payment method or wrong take action in this case we are in spite of any demands.